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Summer Days

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Those long, slow lazy summer days lie just beyond the horizon…or perhaps for some, it feels like summer has already arrived.  If you see spring as a time of rebirth, could you see summer as a time to recharge?>  Sometimes the longer stretches of daylight enable us to move through our daily task list with more ease, spreading those items over a longer time period because we know we will be up until after the sun goes down.  The sun seems to allow us a greater sense of detachment.

There are some people who do not worry.  Worry is such a part of our daily lives in western society.  Whenever I encounter someone who does not believe in worry, it piques my curiosity.  As a strong worrier, I realize the freedom I could enjoy if I had no worries.  So much … Read More »

Wishing You Love Today

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Wishing you love today, on Global Love Day!  What an awesome way to recognize the beauty of love; during our meditation this morning, Joseph referred to love as  “the connective tissue of the universe.”  Quantum Mechanics refers to love as the “unified field.” In Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Voice of Knowledge, ” he speaks of love as the ultimate truth.  Lies need to be believed in order to exist, so when all that is not true falls away, what is left is love.

It’s so often what we can’t see that has the greatest power and influence in our lives.   For me, love has tremendous influence.  Several mountain ranges, including the incredible, magnificent Rocky Mountains lie between some of the people I love most in the world and myself.  I must voyage across the great Pacific Ocean to reach my family … Read More »

12 Jaguar / Ix

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Jaguar conjures an image of a large, powerful, sleek, beautiful animal with a shiny spotted coat. Either lying in the treetops or moving stealthily along the ground, she always seems at one with nature.   Some who travel to the Guatemalan jungle can hear the her fierce roar at night, warning them not to stray too far.  While one may be tempted to venture into the jungle to catch a glimpse of this striking animal, most do not and an air of mystery remains as we wonder what goes on amidst all that foliage.  As Queen of the Jungle, jaguar’s feminine energy is associated with the night; with the current return to feminine energy, we welcome this powerful and mysterious energy of Jaguar/Ix.  We have been asked, out of respect for the Mayan traditions, to learn the Mayan names for these … Read More »

After Thursday’s Call…

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I want to share part of my personal experience after Thursday’s call, as it was a truly magnificent, serendipitous day. As I reside on the west coast and I had been up late working Wednesday night, it was a fairly early morning for me on Thursday. What a special call and what an honor to have Elizabeth Araujo join us! Afterwards, I felt so uplifted from and I really wanted to start my day; however, physical fatigue took precedence over my desire to greet the darkness outside. So, I went back to sleep for a decadent morning nap. Chief Phil Lane Jr’s advice “Be up before the sun” echoed in my mind; however, I felt like my hard work from the previous evening had earned me the luxury of snuggling back in under the covers…

When I awoke around 9:30am, the … Read More »

Common Passion Global Concordance: 11 Sun / Ahau

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We hope that you will join us for our next Common Passion Global Concordance 11/Sun on Thursday, January 10th 2013.  As part of our 90 day series, our next call will honor not only the energies associated with January 10th 2013 but also the prophecies and the teachings of the Maya. Contrary to what pop culture tells us, the Maya are very much alive and millions of Maya celebrate their ancient culture in Central America.  We are very grateful to Barbara Sadtler from Mayan Cross as she brings her many years of studying with the Maya to help us share this program with you.

The last time we saw Sun on the Tzolkin, the Sacred Mayan calendar, was December 21, 2012.  The sun is a powerful symbol in many cultures and the Mayan culture is no exception to this.  Sun is … Read More »

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