Global Water Ceremony

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We invite you to participate in a Global Water Ceremony, aligned with the Waitaha Water Gathering October 15, 16, 17, 18 in New Zealand: www.waitahawatergathering.com.

This Global Water Ceremony will also be shared by First Nations around the world including Wandering Wolf (Tata Cirilo, aka Don Alejandro, Grand Elder of the Maya) and other Mayan elders in Guatemala.

These days are opportunities to meet water as the living blood of Gaia and as a sacred essence in all life. Of course we can honor water before and after this Global Water Ceremony. There are no set agendas, leaving ample creativity for you or your group to create ceremony to appreciate water in all its forms and honor water in and around us.

From one of the organizers, Sjoerd Aardema of Para Pachamama www.parapachamama.org:

We dream of the many Nations that on the days of … Read More »

From Imagining to Manifesting Part 1

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A word related to imagining is manifesting.

Manifesting is the making expressed or visible that which is implied or invisible.

How do we manifest our collective destiny, while simultaneously involved in a personal one, when everyone seems to be heading in different directions? To make matters more challenging, some people see their destiny along a predetermined course of events, while others see it as a hopeless struggle against forces that bring sadness, pain, fear and despair. Yet another potent group see their destiny as inseparable from the human species’ ability to manifest higher possibilities of a greater pattern or design, which some call G-d , Cosmic Consciousness, Infinite Presence, Christ, Buddha, the Messiah, etc. 

How do we cocreate a collective destiny that is aligned with our greatest potential? The answer appears too complex on the surface; yet, there is a simple way…a very powerful way.

The … Read More »

Morning Song

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Black cows on a hillside
Black pepper on sand
Another golden sunrise

Warming up the land

Springtime’s a memory
Summer’s not here yet
Patch of green in the valley
The rumble of a jet

The world is waking up
The world is waking up

Shining facts of physics
On display overhead
Clouds too soon fade to blue
Blackbird’s wing is red

Steel diesel breaking wood
Another protest day
Same old story in a different place
In a hard land far away

The world is waking up
The world is waking up

And the earth is warming up
And Mars is warming up
And Jupiter too
And how about you?

The solar system’s edge
Like a distant dusty ledge
Like a ballerina’s skirt
Collides with cosmic dirt

The world is waking up
The world is waking up

Ripples on the water
Concentric rings
Fish, birds and dragonflies
All the morning things

The highway stretches
Man casts his line
Shadows evaporate
In a … Read More »

Transform and Thrive!

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What do the words Transform and Thrive mean to you?

Do you feel empowered by these words?  Inspired?  Ready for change?  One of the most wonderful aspects of living now, in this time, is the awareness of infinite possibilities.  While some may argue that we do not have access to infinite possibilities, science is proving that our thoughts have a direct effect on outcomes.  If we believe that we do not have access to infinite possibilities, we are creating a reality with finite possibilities. 

If you could just take one small step outside of your comfort zone today, what would it be?  If you could do one thing differently today, what would you choose?  In order to transform, one must be open to change.  In order to thrive as a result of these changes, one must be willing to believe that thriving … Read More »

4 Road / Wayeb

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We are ending our 90 Global Concordance tele-webcast series on a  “4” Road day.  However, we do not feel that something is ending; rather, that something new is beginning.  The collaboration between Common Passion and Mayan Cross has been a powerful reminder to us that we can create amazing programs by enlisting the wisdom and expertise of others who share our common passion: compassion.

As we honor this sacred 4 Road day, we set our intention to continue to be a means for connection and compassion.  This Road energy allows us to look forward to how we can sow, nurture and grow our community over the next several months with the new programs we have planned. While we each follow our individual paths on a daily basis, somehow our “Roads” have all converged to lead us together here.  The momentum that we … Read More »

12 Jaguar / Ix

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Jaguar conjures an image of a large, powerful, sleek, beautiful animal with a shiny spotted coat. Either lying in the treetops or moving stealthily along the ground, she always seems at one with nature.   Some who travel to the Guatemalan jungle can hear the her fierce roar at night, warning them not to stray too far.  While one may be tempted to venture into the jungle to catch a glimpse of this striking animal, most do not and an air of mystery remains as we wonder what goes on amidst all that foliage.  As Queen of the Jungle, jaguar’s feminine energy is associated with the night; with the current return to feminine energy, we welcome this powerful and mysterious energy of Jaguar/Ix.  We have been asked, out of respect for the Mayan traditions, to learn the Mayan names for these … Read More »

After Thursday’s Call…

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I want to share part of my personal experience after Thursday’s call, as it was a truly magnificent, serendipitous day. As I reside on the west coast and I had been up late working Wednesday night, it was a fairly early morning for me on Thursday. What a special call and what an honor to have Elizabeth Araujo join us! Afterwards, I felt so uplifted from and I really wanted to start my day; however, physical fatigue took precedence over my desire to greet the darkness outside. So, I went back to sleep for a decadent morning nap. Chief Phil Lane Jr’s advice “Be up before the sun” echoed in my mind; however, I felt like my hard work from the previous evening had earned me the luxury of snuggling back in under the covers…

When I awoke around 9:30am, the … Read More »

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