12 Jaguar / Ix

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12 Jaguar / Ix

Jaguar conjures an image of a large, powerful, sleek, beautiful animal with a shiny spotted coat. Either lying in the treetops or moving stealthily along the ground, she always seems at one with nature.   Some who travel to the Guatemalan jungle can hear the her fierce roar at night, warning them not to stray too far.  While one may be tempted to venture into the jungle to catch a glimpse of this striking animal, most do not and an air of mystery remains as we wonder what goes on amidst all that foliage.  As Queen of the Jungle, jaguar’s feminine energy is associated with the night; with the current return to feminine energy, we welcome this powerful and mysterious energy of Jaguar/Ix.  We have been asked, out of respect for the Mayan traditions, to learn the Mayan names for these energies.  For that reason, we will now refer to Jaguar as Ix.

jaguarThe dawn of a new day on January 24th shifts to 12 Ix. This particular day is near the end of a cycle, as 12 is the second to last number of the Sacred Mayan Calendar.  The end of a cycle means nearing completion and coming to a place of understanding.

What does it mean to combine the energy of 12 and Ix?  What can we learn and what can we hope to achieve by gaining a deeper understanding of this day?

This will be explored on our next call this Thursday; in the meanwhile, contemplating the combination of these energies can, perhaps, bring us to a place not just of understanding why but of understanding the consequences as well.   We have an opportunity to request forgiveness for the exploitation of our planet’s resources.  We have an opportunity to understand that we are accountable for the consequences of our actions.  Furthermore, we realize that we have put more value on money and exploitation that we have put on life itself.

Empowerment was a key component of our last call and this day of 12 Ix offers an opportunity to shift to an even deeper level of empowerment.

The empowerment lies in the perspective that each and every one of us is here on purpose.

If this is true, perhaps it is time to shift our values and to value life above ALL else on this precious planet.

Please join us to learn more about 12 Ix: 

DATE: Thursday, January 24 2013

TIME: 6 AM Pacific (San Francisco, CA), 9 AM Eastern, 2 PM GMT

DURATION: 60 minutes
NUMBER TO CALL: +1 (724) 444-7444
CALL ID: 36237 #, then 1#



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