Support Consciousness Beyond Division

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With the populist leanings of recent elections around the world, and the seemingly growing divide between oppositional viewpoints, it becomes more important than ever for us individually to find balance between our socio-economic and world views and that of the prevailing political winds that influence our values and ideals.

This post is an invitation to share your thoughts on how we can use our collective intention, attention, and action to foster harmony, understanding and coherence toward raising the consciousness of our world.  Your comments to the blog post will then be gathered and will form an ongoing global concordance with the intention of supporting consciousness beyond division.

Please keep in mind the qualities that Common Passion events possess:

Intention: They bring people together, remotely and/or in person, with a positive intention shared by everyone participating in the event.

Coherence: They contain activities both inwardly focused … Read More »

Sacred Adventures 2015

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September 12th – 26th 2015 – Equinox Sacred Adventure to Machu Picchu Perú and Sacred Sites in Perú and Bolivia
Equinox Sacred Adventure to Machu Picchu Perú and Sacred Sites in Perú and Bolivia September 12th ‘ 26th 2015.
Native guides will lead a small group of adventurers on a magical journey through Incan and Aymaran lands in Perú and Bolivia, visiting ancient temples and cities like the crystal city Machu Picchu, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Tiwanaku and the bi-dimensional gate. Explore the amazing energies of the land and waters of the Mother Lake, Lake Titicaca, in Bolivia. Discover the remarkable arts, history and culture of the Inca and Aymara as you enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Andes in South America. Be initiated by the rising sun on the Equinox, September 23rd, at the Temple Inti Waton high atop Machu Picchu. Be … Read More »

Sacred Journey to the Land of the Maya in Guatemala and Honduras Feb 26th – March 10th 2015

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Mayan spirituality and culture is as alive today as it was a few years ago when the hype about the end of the world was as much a myth to the Maya as it was a commercial propaganda machine for those who profited from the ancient wisdom of this amazing culture. Don’t be fooled and miss an incredible opportunity to share in a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the ancient lands of the Maya. We are guided by women and men elders from whom we have much to learn about life and synchrony with the natural world.

Mayan Elders will guide a small group of adventurers through these spectacular lands – what is known today as Guatemala and Honduras – where spectacular natural beauty blends with ancient temples, sacred sites and ceremonies that have formed the bedrock of human consciousness.

And for those who … Read More »

The shift or not… the new mainstream…

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Many of us wonder if the “shift” happened or not.

Some people look around and see things substantially the same – or worse – as before.

Some look and see things changing for the better, however gradual and slow, but nonetheless changing, in spite of hyper-sensationalized media reporting to the contrary.

No doubt this discrepancy between the see-bads and see-goods is the scale of the population itself: over 7.2 billion (that’s 7,240,000,000) humans living out their uniquely individual lives. That’s 7.2+ billion universes of human experience. That’s not even counting animal, fish and plant experiences…a total biomass of 75 billion tons of living matter on/in earth at this moment.

An interesting way to see just the human population activity in real time is to view here www.worldometers.info/world-population.

And look at broader changing indices in society, government, media, economics, environment, energy, health and food:

Given the sheer … Read More »

Condor Medicine

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Join us for as much as you can. Your Passion is needed. We Need it, the World Needs it.  Only that way does it become our Common Passion.

Condor Medicine

Wednesday May 6th free online event: Condor Medicine: Shamanic Wisdom, Healing and Ritual Magic from the Spirit World. don Oscar Miro-Quesada will share profound spiritual insights into how you can embody the transformational “medicine” of the Condor and live in balance, harmony and reverence upon Mother Earth.

Holidays into Holy Days

Turning the Holidays into Holy Days through the Sacred Power of Prayer by mystical scholar and sacred activist Andrew Harvey. Harvey also offers courses on Rumi and the Divine Human.

In addition to the joy of giving and receiving, the “holy”-days are opportunities for transformation, healing and rebirth. We invite you to participate in this powerful, free tele-seminar Wednesday December 3rd with renowned scholar-mystic … Read More »

Coherence Collaborative

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Coherence Collaborative

Join the Common Passion Coherence Collaborative by posting your Coherence Events and Projects on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using @CommonPassion #coherence #CommonPassion #collaboration

Join our friends around the world in a free online Global Concordance and Meditation that will be inspired by the visual submissions to the Coherence Display and a deeply felt shared intention for harmony and peace in our communities and the world.

The Common Passion Community joins millions around the world on September 21st for the International Day of Peace.

We invite you to submit via social media images and videos that illustrate human coherence, and humans in alignment with the natural world. Post to your favorite social media sites and then share with Common Passion, use these Hashtags #coherence #CommonPassion #collaboration

True to our mission, the Common Passion Coherence Collaborative applies the science of human connection to create social and environmental harmony. This program allows the collective creativity of our … Read More »

Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters Rockin 1000

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