Trans Species Communication Awareness Week – July 4-12th 2009

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Announcement Date: July 4, 2009

Open yourself to communication with all life.

Common Passion and the Common Passion Trans-Species Vibe Tribe Team invite you to join a simple yet exciting program with limitless possibility: communicating, receptively and actively, with all who inhabit Mother Earth and beyond to broaden our horizons and enrich our lives.

This concept is not new, our Ancestors and Wisdom Keepers have always done this. Many people communicate with plants, animals and earth on a daily basis without a second thought. We talk to our pets, to our plants, to the weather, to the traffic, to no one in particular unconsciously acting out our daily lives. This week is about actively listening and consciously communicating, then journaling your experiences on the Common Passion Forum [link to the new forum that Dee will create.]



1. Each Day during the week July 4th to 12th is a time to begin this wonderful adventure and join those whose lives are already, enriched with Trans Species communication. It takes as little as 10 minutes once or twice a day to participate, longer if you wish.

2. The Daily Program consists of:

  • Opening our eyes and ears of awareness connecting to intuition and quietening busy minds.
  • Begin each day with the intention of being open to new forms of communication, then take a deep breath, stretch and get out of bed.
  • When your feet touch the floor allow yourself to feel your connection with Mother Earth, take a deep breath and say “I am ready to receive the gifts of today” then go on about your morning as usual.
  • When you step outside – which you should, even if you do not have to go anywhere – stop for a moment and really observe your surroundings. What do you hear, feel & see? Is there anything that captures your attention?
  • During your day, allow yourself moments of quiet mindfulness, even if you only have a few seconds at a time.
  • When dusk arrives, go outside if you can and sit in a meditative state and see/feel what comes to you. Dawn and dusk is when Nature is most active and when it is easier to glimpse insights to the communications around you.
  • Join Common Passion members around the globe in quiet meditation at dawn and/or dusk in your time zone and be receptive to the messages gifted.
  • Journal of your experiences at the time then enter them into the Common Passion Forum to share experiences with others.


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